Bee Hive Management Service

The benefits of having a beehive in your back yard are multiple.  Bees will pollinate your fruit and vegetables, they’ll contribute to the local eco-system and biodiversity.  Plus you get your very own pure, raw, local honey and you’ll get the pleasure of watching them hard at work!

How does beehive hosting work?

There are two ways that the bee hive management service can work.  Benedict can look after your existing hive (or you can purchase one) or you can provide the space to host one of ours.

pollenating feral hive in a langstroth taranaki

In either situation we’d charge you a small fee for our services and then you get to keep the first 9 kilos of honey from the hive each season.*

The fee is seasonal (annual) and includes:


What does it Cost to get your beehive?

Seasonal (annual) fee 2017 $320

Complete hives are also available to purchase in spring and early summer, you can sign up for the waiting list here


*If there is a particularly bad season due to weather or lack of food for the bees then this amount may need to be revised.