Bee Swarm Removal – Melbourne

Is there a strange buzzing noise coming from the laundry wall?  A cluster of brown and gold creatures gathered on your jacaranda?  Bees setting up home in your compost?  Sounds like you’ve got a beautiful bee swarm or colony

Maybe these bees have just shown up and are not sure where they’ll set up home, or maybe they’ve been in your wall for a while and have started to build honey comb and grow their colony.

First things first, don’t panic.  Those bees aren’t interested in attacking you, they’re just looking for a new place to set up their home.  Give them a wide berth, don’t irritate them with water or insecticides and close the window or door to keep them out of the house.

Here at The Practical Beekeeper we believe in rescuing swarms of bees and collecting colonies and giving them a new, safe home.  We operate a rescue service across the northern suburbs of Melbourne.  If you’d like us to rescue those bees from your house just give us a call.

Need urgent help with your bees?

Sometimes it is hard to get us during peak season so you can also visit the free honey bee rescue website

Find out more about bee swarms

If you’d like to know more about our swarm safe rescue boxes take a look at our Honey Bee swarm rescue beehives

If you want to know more you can learn how to build a beehive swarm rescue hive You might want to see what type of bees or insect you have – you can use our handy what insect is that factsheet to help.


  1. Leave the bees alone and they’ll leave you alone
  2. Check if they are bees or wasps – if you’ve got wasps we can still give you a hand
  3. Call The Practical Beekeeper for a bee rescue

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Why rescue the bees?

Bees are a critical part of our eco-system for pollination as well as honey production but they are constantly under threat from pesticides or habitat loss

What do I do if they are wasps?

Don’t panic – the same rules apply.  Stay clear and give us a call for wasp eradication.

How do you rescue the bees?

As a full-time beekeeper Benedict has a lot of little tricks up his sleeve.  He’ll use a variety of techniques and tools to get your bees into a special bee box.  He might need to leave them there until evening so that they can settle in, but he’ll be back to get them as soon as he can.  Here at The Practical Beekeeper we do our best to re-house all the bees and provide them with new homes.

Which suburbs do you go to?

We service a wide range of suburbs in the north of Melbourne.  From our base in Thornbury we’ll pretty much head north, north-east and north-west for about 20km.  This includes Greensborough, Mill Park, Campbellfield, Glenroy and Essendon and everything in between.

What does it cost to remove the bees?

This depends on where you are and where the bees are.  For an easy to reach swarm in a tree or shrub, collection can be as little as $90.  But if your bees are stuck in a wall, the roof, a compost bin or somewhere else that’s tricky to get to then your collection fee will be more.  We’re really happy to talk about the price so give us a call and we can discuss your particular bee situation.

Want to help me save the bees? Take a look at our Honey Bee rescue video